The Glam Guru

Jade Alycia began her love for make-up simply playing in her mother's beauty products as many young girls do. Through trial and error in combination with her mother's tips and tricks, she was able to somewhat master her beauty routine early on. However, she still felt like something was missing...she felt beautiful but wondered how she could make others feel equally as confident.

It was in college where she discovered a unique opportunity to fine tune her artistry skills at a pro level. Through the Bobbi Brown artistry program, she grew as an artist learning a multitude of products, mastering a variety of skin tones and textures, and ultimately laid the foundation for establishing The Glamourous Touch in 2018. Making every woman feel glamorous in their own skin one headshot at a time!

I Didn't

 "choose the glam life, the glam life choose me."


"Use it to highlight your face.

Not hide it."

The Beauty Of Fashion

Frequently collaborating with her couture brand, Jade Alycia Inc., styling lookbooks for her blog, The Unjaded Journal, Jade showcases how to set the trends with her handmade designs by polishing off her looks with her beauty company, The Glamourous Touch.